Which one to Display?

It’s an exciting time at LAG, over here picking and choosing lovely works of Original Art to Display, I simply can not wait to show you and even better invite you inside but until then…

Are you an Artist yourself? Do you desire to work with a Professional Art Dealer and Artist Coach?

Email: lantzvilleartgallery@icloud.com

Or an Art Lover? Make sure to get on our Guest List for Private Events.

Email: lantzvilleartgallery@icloud.com

Can you feel the Colour breaking through? It’s almost Spring!

Time to Rebuild & Create”

Coach Danica, Founder of Lantzville Art Gallery

One Reply to “Which one to Display?”

  1. I’m going to have to go with the “Arpeggio”. The choice was influenced by my musical background, and I hope my art coach is not disappointed.

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