Come get a Canvas…

Come create for a chance to win…


Just picked-up art from Regina Seib…

Not sure I have the words to express the feeling of gratitude I have for the Artists who have and continue to support LAG. Thank you and to those of you who are patiently waiting to come visit, it won’t be much longer.

It’s going to be fun and definitely different but just as I opened the Lantzville Plaza location with the spirit of “build it and they will come” I will re-open the in-house showroom with that same spirit. Afterall, where there is Art, there is Heart. LAG is the in-house gallery with a big heart, located just before the Foothills, nestled in a cozy upper Lantzville (north village) neighbourhood.

When may you visit you ask? I have just picked-up art from Regina Seib’s Studio today and I have another couple of artists delivering later this week. I am working hard to get everything presentation ready and I anticipate starting to welcome you all in March.

Are you excited because I know that I am!!!

for the Love of Art,

Coach Danica